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I-9 Compliance Kit

A comprehensive compliance kit designed to help employers meet their obligations under federal I-9 regulations

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Manual and Forms and Poster I9-KIT $99.95

All employers must complete a mandatory I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form for each new hire within the first three days of employment. Completing this form requires employers to accept and examine certain documents that prove the individual’s identity and work eligibility status.

In July 2017, the office of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a newly revised Form I-9. Revisions include new information fields and expanded instructions.

Effective September 18th, 2017, all employers must transition to the new form (dated 07/17/17 N) for all new hires or face penalties for noncompliance during an audit or inspection. In addition to the revisions to the mandatory I-9 in July 2017, the USCIS also revised its M-274 Employer Handbook, which provides in-depth guidance on how to properly examine various forms of identification and work eligibility documents. Penalties for non-compliance with I-9 requirements range up to $2,191 per violation. The USCIS Outreach Branch estimates that 76% of paper I-9 records in the U.S. contain at least one error that could result in a fine if audited. To help employers comply with mandatory revisions to the Form I-9 and the updated M-274 employer handbook,

Personnel Concepts has revised its comprehensive I-9 Compliance Kit for 2017 to reflect the Jully 2017 updates. This exclusive kit includes a pack of 10 revised forms, an all-in-one guidebook featuring recommendations from an attorney & plain language FAQs, a 12” x 18” Notification Poster, access to downloadable resources, and an alphabetized storage binder to keep I-9 records separate from other personnel records as recommended by employment law experts.�

Who Needs It

Every employer is required by law to complete a Form I-9 for each new hire within the first three days of employment. These records must be retained for three years after employment begins or one year following termination (whichever is later). Employers must use the revised Form I-9 (released 07/17/2017) for all new hires beginning 9/18/2017 or face possible penalties for non-compliance.


Plain Language Guidance
Our I-9 Compliance Kit features an all-inclusive 100+ page guidebook that explains best practices, attorney recommendations, common mistakes, and special circumstances that may arise during the I-9 process. This reference guide also includes the complete text of the revised M-274 employer handbook, which explains the enforcing agency’s current policies with regard to I-9 requirements.

Achieve full compliance with our simplified implementation procedures. Simply post our notification poster, implement the newly revised forms, read up on the new changes, store all completed documents in the storage binder, and refer back to our guidebook when problems or issues arise

Save Time and Money
Our complete kit is the lowest-priced, all-inclusive solution available anywhere. While I-9 forms can be downloaded for free, researching the intricacies of I-9 compliance and ensuring that your process is 100% compliant can take many hours of your time. Additionally, most immigration & employment law attorneys charge over $300 per hour, whereas our kit includes the latest tips and recommendations for less than $100.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our I-9 Compliance Kit, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping and processing charges.


The 2017 I-9 Compliance Kit includes the following important materials:

  • A pack of 10 revised Form I-9s (dated 17/17/17 N) to meet mandatory documentation and verification requirements. • Includes instruction packet for both the employer and employee.
  • An all-inclusive 100+ page guidebook that includes plain language guidance, tips from an attorney, and the revised M-274 employer handbook.
  • An alphabetized storage binder to store your I-9 records separately from your other personnel records, as recommended by attorneys and HR experts.
  • A 12” x 18” Notification Poster that includes a notice to applicants regarding the mandatory I-9 process and a Right-To-Work notice from the Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel (OSC).
  • Online access to digital forms and resources.
$99.95 InStock NewCondition

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