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Utah Updates Workers Comp and OSHA Notices

Jul 26, 2017

The Utah Labor Commission has released updated Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Safety and Health in the State of Utah notices.

The Utah Labor Commission revised its Workers’ Compensation notice with additional provisions regulated by the Utah Occupational Disease Act. The steps in the process for reporting accidents and starting compensation have been reordered. Also, employers have the option to notate self-insurance status with the notice redesign. Lastly, the agency address was revised and email address was added as a contact option.

The Utah Safety and Health notice was revised by replacing Utah OSHA with the appropriate acronym “UOSH” where it is mentioned on the notice. Also, the agency logo was updated to reflect the most current records.

Subscribers will receive the notices by both mail and email. Others should inquire with our Compliance Specialists at (800) 333-3795.

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