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All-On-One Independent Contractors Poster

Avoid misclassification trouble with the Department of Labor by following the poster guidelines

All-On-One Independent Contractors Poster
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All employers must ensure that their workers are properly classified as either "employees" or "independent contractors." Misclassifying employees as independent contractors or violating the legal rights of an independent contractor can result in lawsuits, tax penalties and other monetary penalties.

An effective means of avoiding costly worker misclassification issues is ensuring that independent contractors understand their rights and obligations and how they differ from employees. Providing or posting this information can also be used in your defense in the event of a misclassification audit or a lawsuit. To help businesses demonstrate good faith compliance with these regulations, Personnel Concepts has developed this All-On-One Independent Contractors Poster.


  • 26" x 20" Poster
  • Your Rights and Obligations as an Independent Contractor
  • Independent Contractors vs. Employees
  • IRS Form SS-8 Information
  • Harassment/Discrimination Policy Notice for Independent Contractors
  • Money Back Guarantee: Return within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping and handling
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