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PPE Compliance Kit

To comply with PPE regulations employers must survey their worksites to determine what type of PPE is needed

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PPE Kit PPE-KIT $59.95
Downloadable 121-Page PDF PPE-DF $24.95

OSHA regulations state employers myst address payment for personal protective equipment (PPE), which is any safety equipment or device that must be worn in the workplace to prevent worker injury. Failure to comply with OSHA regulations can result in fines up to $7,000 per violation.

Common examples of PPE include goggles, gloves, protective footwear, back belts and ear plugs. To comply with PPE regulations, employers must survey their work sites to determine what type of PPE is needed, communicate those decisions to their workers and provide the necessary equipment at no cost to the employee where required.


  • A 75-page guidebook with plain language guidance, a compliance checklist, the text of the final rule, FAQ's and OSHA's existing PPE standards
  • PPE Notification Poster
  • 10 Work Site Hazard Analysis Forms
  • 25 PPE Selection and Acknowledgement Forms
$59.95 InStock NewCondition

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