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State Update Kits

With the beginning of the year, several states have updated their laws and regulations, along with their posting mandates.

Here you can find a collection of state-specific update kits to keep you and your business in full compliance with changing state requirements to avoid fines and legal issues. Here are some examples:

Employers in the state of New York need to comply with four new employment law updates that impact all New York businesses in 2014, including new legal provisions that were effective January 1, 2014. These new laws and regulations impose obligations on employers relating to unemployment insurance reform, permissible wage deductions, pregnancy discrimination and paid sick leave in New York City, and minimum wage credits.

Additionally, New York State launched its health insurance marketplace as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and federal agencies released guidance on how federal tax and benefit laws apply in states like New York where same-sex marriage is legalized.

Employers in the state of New Jersey need to address six significant legal updates in 2014. These significant legal updates address critical workplace issues such as retaliation, gender pay equity, new hire reporting, social media privacy, same-sex marriage, and minimum wage.

Due to an October 21, 2013 court decision, same-sex marriage became legal in the state of New Jersey. Additionally, in September and October of 2013, federal agencies released new guidance on the impact on federal laws of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

In November 2013, the voters of New Jersey approved a ballot measure raising the state’s minimum wage rate from $7.25 to $8.25 per hour, and allowing for annual cost-of-living adjustments to the state’s wage rate.

Personnel Concept’s 2014 Illinois Employer Update Program is an all-in-one resource designed to help you comply with new state laws taking effect this year. These critical legal updates address Illinois’ new Workplace Violence Prevention Act, updates to the Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act, Illinois’ new healthcare marketplace (Get Covered Illinois), and tightened restrictions under the Employee Classification Act. The guidebook also explores Fifield v. Premier Dealer Services, a court decision that reaffirms Illinois’ standing on confidentiality agreements.

Personnel Concept’s 2014 California Employer Update Program is an all-in-one resource designed to help you comply with 29 new state regulations taking effect in 2013 and 2014. These critical legal updates address two key amendments to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, victim’s rights, immigration and employer retaliation, family leave, wage and hour compliance, criminal records in employment applications, changes to state law due to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, worker’s compensation, and unemployment laws. Many of these new laws include provisions allowing for government fines, employee lawsuits, or governmental prosecution as penalties for noncompliance.

Personnel Concept’s 2014 Oregon Employer Update Program is an all-in-one resource designed to help you comply with five significant law changes that took effect in January 2014. These critical legal updates address a new social media privacy law, new bereavement leave, expanded domestic violence leave, paid sick leave for employees working in the city of Portland, direct deposit authorization, and Oregon’s new health insurance marketplace, Cover Oregon (since taken over by the federal government at the state's request).